Home Office – A Balancing Act

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Today a New Trend has begun in all the IT Firms that is the Home office Setup. This year because of the Pandemic many companies had to take new innovation trends to ensure the Continuity of their work and which does not hamper the companies profit and the most common was the Work from Home option .


Work from Home can either be a Boom or a Serious challenge . First let’s begin with the Positives . This new Trend has helped many employee’s to avoid driving and get rid of the Daily traffic Problems , It has in turn helped to increase the Productivity of the employee and giving more time to Participant in training and personal development and upgrade their skills on the Job. This has helped in spending more time with your Loved ones and some have even moved out of their rented spaces and shifted to their Hometowns to feel connected and spend time with their families. The Home office setup has made 3 Bedroom houses a Necessity which has helped the real estate in the Urbans , Making the One bedroom as a home office and working at the Comfort of your Home.

Now coming to the Negatives the home office has reduced the Socializing of an employee and they are only connected over a mail or a short call, the personal interaction and personal touch is not found which leads to no socializing . The long hours of call and meeting is one of all the major concerns were there is no time for any other activities . Also if it is Big Family getting a Personal space to work with no disturbance itself would be a Challenge.

But the Home office is going to a new routine in the IT Firms and Employee’s getting adjusted to this Routine would be the best suitable and the new norm Ahead .

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