Sleeping Disorder

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Today our life have become very stressful and Time Bound . we have a Dedicated time to get up , To complete our daily activities and all the other activities which is needed to be done , But in all this we complete forget the Importance of Sleeping on time and getting the required amount of sleep .

Sleep disorder is a real concern to many adults , some adults do not get sleep for the full night and just keeping lying on the bed . This is basically caused because of too much of stress in our life and unable to relax and cannot calm down the mind, Some Sleeping disorder is also because of Medical conditions and tablets , which impacts the mental health and also excessive drinking of Coffee during the day and even during the nights , The impact of this is directly on the person’s sleep which leads the person to state of frustration , anxiety issues and irritation and also anger.

To avoid this we need to maintain a strict routine , Have a fixed sleeping time . Try to relax before heading to bed , Stop thinking of activities during the day , Follow some simple exercises .These few steps would surely help us to understand the importance of sleeping and take care of our sleeping habits which would help us for a healthier lifestyle.

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